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About our Products

Are all your products certified organic and what does that mean?

What are the benefits of chocolate being organic?

What is the difference between 'bean to bar' and 'tree to bar' chocolate?

What do the different percentages of cacao content mean?

Do you have any sugar-free products?

Are your products suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Are your products suitable for those with dietary requirements or allergies?

Why does the packaging state ‘may contain traces of milk, nuts or peanuts‘?

Are your products certified kosher?

What is raw chocolate?

Are your products fair trade?

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Why are your chocolates more expensive than regular chocolate?

Is Pacari a 'not for profit' organisation?

Who owns Pacari Chocolate?

Are your chocolates palm oil free and soy free?

Do you have an independent auditing on your sustainable and ethical credentials?

Are your chocolates 100% child labour free?

Does Pacari have Biodynamic chocolates?