Chocolate Covered Fruits

Our award winning chocolate snacks, either with banana, coffee beans, golden berries (physalis), cacao beans or cacao nibs. You can also find them on our raw version or as a gift set, Tropical Flavour Organic Chocolate Covered Fruits Gift Set.

Chocolate and banana is a classic combination but prepare to taste both as you never have before. In each drop Pacari's award-winning chocolate envelops pieces of dried banana that are still so juicy you'll find it hard to believe they're not fresh. These bite-sized drops are perfect for snacking on throughout the day and are particularly popular with little monkeys.

We've done something a bit different here and we've covered pieces of Golden Berry, or Physalis, in our signature dark chocolate. The result is a perfect mix of the tart citrus flavour of the berry and the sweetness of the chocolate in bite-sized chocolate drops you can enjoy throughout your day.