Baking and Raw Ceremonial Cacao Paste

Pacari Organic Ceremonial Raw Cacao Paste is a phytonutrient rich, 100% Raw Cacao Paste, also know as virgin ceremonial cacao paste. As one of our customers says "the power of the element air. It uplifts you and opens your higher chakras as well as it gifts you clear communication and lightfulness."

Our Pacari Organic Professional Line, gives you the ability to create recipes with our organic dark chocolate in your own home, bakery, restaurant or patisserie  Our chocolate pieces and chips can be used for a variety of recipes and offer a special taste to your creations. Our raw couverture (pieces) are unique because of the additional process they go through to have an even darker taste than our 60% dark chocolate.

Our 60% couverture is sourced from the Ecuadorian region of Esmeraldas, known for producing some of the nation's finest cacao.

The newest member to this family, it is our first "MILKY" vegan couverture, yes it has coconut cream to give you that extra creamy factor, with coconut sugar and 32% cacao. 

Enjoy the food of the gods, yes the full cacao beans or broken into cacao beans. These are delicious as super food in you breakfast or as a snack.

Some of these couvertures and all cacao nibs belong to our amazing biodynamic Demeter certified range.

These products are fair trade, vegan, organic, soy free, nut-free, gluten free, palm oil free and suitable for any guest!