Make Your Own Ethical Easter Eggs

Thanks to our lovely customer Sarah Thompson who shared how she makes her own Ethical Easter Eggs. 
1. Melt your choice of Pacari chocolate (chocolate chips are supremely easy to melt and give a glossy finish) in a heat-proof jug in a saucepan of water. When sufficiently heated, ie when molten, pour the chocolate into a mould, over a large piece of grease-proof paper. The picture shows a polycarbonate Easter egg mould –these are really sturdy.
2. Turning the mould upside down, you can create what I call ‘Chocolate Rain’. The excess chocolate will drip onto the grease-proof paper. Flip the mould back and either create hollow shells or, better still, continue filling with the rest of the Pacari chocolate!
3. By spreading the chocolate on the paper with a palette knife or long-handled spoon, you can make a sharing slab for the whole family. Sprinkle with
choice of flavours – I like spices, so I used apple spice, Caribbean jerk spice, Himalayan pink salt and lime zest. Little people may prefer sprinkles and marshmallows!
4. My husband is a big fan of ancient Egyptian history, so his Easter egg is a chocolate Tutankhamun, which I will paint with edible cocoa ink in shades of blue and gold.
Images and text by Sarah Thompson

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